As Dec 10, 2018 General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy has completed all requirements and FAA inspections Part 141 certification and anticipates award of the certification within the next 30 days.

GCFTA Location

GCFTA is located at the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport (KCXO), near major highways and it’s just 45-minute drive to downtown Houston, only 90 minutes from the Gulf Coast. The airport is geographically located to allow cross country flights to many of the cultural and natural sites in the United States. Our location also allows for training in every level of airspace from simple uncontrolled airfields to one of the busiest airports in the world. The climate also affords the students actual instrument time regardless of the time of year they train. The airport has two hard surface runways built to accommodate large regional and business jets. Everything the aspiring pilot needs to best prepare themselves for an aviation career as an airline pilot is available at GCFTA.

Monthly Flight Classes

Our full-time classes are limited to 10 students. A class starts every month on the third Monday. We limit the class size to ensure individual attention while providing a team approach. In addition, we try to place students of similar backgrounds in the same class. If you are an international student, please apply 60 days in advance of your desired start date so we can clear you for flight training and you can obtain an F-1 visa to the United States.

Build Hire Time Program

At CFTA our goals are your ambitions since we aim to assist you any way we can to achieve your aviation dreams. That’s why we hire our graduates who obtain their instructor certificate. We also have access to right seat corporate jet opportunities. So, we hire you and you build time. We also offer tailor-made time building packages that make your flight training safe, enjoyable, and memorable. With our build hire time program you can go form no flight time to the regional airlines in about 30 months.

General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is one of kind. We are set apart through our association with the General Chennault Foundation. We are licensed to use the Chennault name in cooperation with The Foundation which provides oversight into our ethical and professional conduct and training standards to ensure we bring only honor to the legacy of General Claire Chennault, a true hero of World War II. In keeping with General Chennault’s leadership philosophy, we empower our highly experienced instructors and supporting staff to put SAFETY FIRST while meeting the needs of the customer. From our beginnings at the General Chennault Military and Aviation Museum, our goal has been to provide a higher level of flight training by bringing the standards of military flight schools to the general aviation training market. We have an outstanding record of safety and performance that enables us to guarantee the graduation date for all our full-time trainees.

Become Pilot

You can go from never having flown in an airplane to commercial multi-engine instrument pilot and instructor in just 26 weeks. You can also obtain college credit while training to become a pilot and finish with 30 hours of college credit in just 15 months with an associates of applied science degree in just 20 months.

Apply for a First Officer Position

The first officer program is a comprehensive training taking you from your first hour of flight to your commercial license and ratings in just 18 months. Once you complete the training, you can work as a commercial pilot in United States Not Europe Or worldwide.

Fly Corporate Jets

The corporate pilot entry point for the commercial pilot is the most popular and there are significant shortages there as well. The industry standard for sitting in the right seat of a corporate jet is a commercial license and 300 flight hours.

Become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Want to become a commercial helicopter pilot? You can achieve this within the same time as your airplane training. All the helicopter flight training time you get toward your commercial helicopter license will count toward your airplane license. So regardless of the course you chose, you can add helicopter commercial pilot training to it without increasing the length of the training time to get your commercial airplane license.

Get paid to Instruct Students

If you are a certified and experienced flight instructor, GCFTA is the best place to use your talent and flourish in your field. GCFTA is always on the lookout for experienced and certified instructors. If you are experienced, certified, and passionate about it, you are the candidate we want to hire. We take great pride in sending young instructors to the airlines once they achieve the necessary flight hours. Your goals do not conflict with ours.

A career with The Major Airlines

Are you looking to land your dream job with major airlines? GCFTA can train you to become a professional pilot with unique qualifications that set you apart from other candidates. Our syllabus was built with the input of several major airlines and includes unique training such as multi-engine cross country instrument time to major cities across the United States. When resume says GCFTA it gives you an advantage in job opportunities and in the level of skill and judgment you bring to the cockpit.

Safety Our First Priority

Safety First is a way of training and operating that put safety ahead of all other considerations. We empower our students, customers, employees, and neighbors to stop operations or reject any effort by anyone to compromise our safety first culture.

The key to our success is bringing the military training process to the general aviation arena, incorporating military standards of conduct for our instructors, students and maintenance personnel.