Our Heritage

P-40 and First American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers"

The Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault

Who We Are

We strive for the highest standards of integrity and professionalism as a heritage organization of the American Volunteer Group, The original flying tigers.

Founded in in 2017, General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is the only flight school endorsed by and held to the standards of the Chennault Foundation. The Chennault Foundation began in 2015 and has been a strong supporter of every aspect of aviation. Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is the culmination of General Chennault's legacy to the Chinese people and a living testament to the heroes of WWII both in the air and on the ground.

To live up to the legacy of Gen Claire Chennault and his Flying Tigers, Chennault Flying Tiger Academy must meet standards that exceed every other pilot training operation in the civilian market. We do this by focusing on development and ongoing improvement to our syllabus, pricing, training methods, staff qualifications, and environmental factors that make the flight training experience at one that provides a level of competency and judgement in our graduates that is seldom found in low time commercial pilots and flight instructors.

General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy carries on the legacy of the founder with flight training that meets the standards of excellence that made the flying tigers of WWII heroes to Americans and the Chinese people.

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