Bill Kersey

William "Bill" Kersey – CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP – began his career in aerospace as a missile systems analyst in the USAF. After completion of his initial tour of duty, he began taking flight lessons part time in 1977 and by 1980 had obtained his CFI, CFII and MEI as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Following that, he began flight instruction part time while working full time for the FAA as an Air Traffic Control Specialist and part time corporate pilot for Louisiana Pacific Corporation flying King Airs and a Citation 501.

In 1990 he began work with the FAA as an Air System Inspection Pilot with full time responsibilities for flight checking the National Airspace System, including: ILS, VOR, NDB, TACAN, RADAR SYSTEMS AND INFLIGHT COMMUNICATONS. His additional duties for the FAA included inspection of Part 135 operations and designing and modifying the airspace system to include instrument approach procedures, high and low air way routing, SIDs, and STARs and publishing NOTAMs that affected any of these National Airspace elements. He also obtained his ATP in the BE 1900.

In 1998 Bill began working as a part 121 pilot for Air Wisconsin with his primary bases of operation being Denver, CO and Chicago, IL.

Throughout his aviation and aerospace career Bill has also been an entrepreneur having developed businesses in real estate, retail sales, pool installation and radon mitigation. All the while he has maintained his currency and love for aviation and in particular flight instruction. As of January of 2018 Bill has been a full time flight instructor with General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy.

His aviation resumé includes pilot in command time in the following aircraft:

C150, C172, C182, C210, C501, PA28, PA30, PA38, PA32, PA44, BE55, BE90, BE300, AA5. He has logged more than 3700 hours of PIC flight time given instruction in a wide variety of aircraft from small single engine prop trainers to multi-engine corporate jets. Bill is our resident multi-engine training expert.