Eric Bostwick

Eric Bostwick, CFI, ME – Director of Primary Flight Training

Eric's aviation career ambitions began at age 6 when he got to visit the cockpit of a Continental Airlines DC-10 (back when such things were allowed) and was fascinated by all the controls, dials, and levers. The hook was set. Eric knew what he wanted to be - a pilot. At age 12 he got to fly in a Cessna 172 courtesy of a former Navy flight instructor who was a coworker of Eric’s mother. Aviation was now a passion for Eric.

Unable to afford the time or cost required for flying lessons after graduating from high school, Eric worked part time while attending North Harris Community College. Then, it was off to the Navy for 6 years. Eric was a mechanic in the engine room of a nuclear-powered submarine. While on board with the US Navy he sawmany ports in Asia and throughout the Pacific. While in the Navy, Eric continued to take flight lessons when he was off duty.

After leaving the Navy, and following a series of unfulfilling jobs, Eric used his GI Bill and some inheritance to fund his flight training over the next 14 years. With many stops and starts he finally earned his CFI certificate in 2016. Having done so via the self-funded, working part time, brown bag lunch route Eric can relate to all the young and not so young student pilots who are making daily sacrifices to become aviation professionals. Eric was GCFTA’s first flight instructorhire. Always a positive altitude, well versed in all aspects of flight training, and ready to do whatever it takes to get his students to their FAA certification. He is a first-class flight instructor because he cares and has firsthand experience with the process of pursuing your aviation dreams in the face of financial and environmental challenges.