Nell Calloway

Nell Calloway – Founder, President, CEO of Chennault Aviation and Military Museum , Board Chairman, Granddaughter of General Chennault

Nell Calloway is the founding President/CEO of Chennault Aviation and Military Museum which opened in 2008. She is also Chairman of the Board of the General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy. The granddaughter of General Claire Chennault, the founder of the Flying Tigers, Nell has a passion for the ongoing legacy of her grandfather and the Flying Tigers that is both keenly professional and deeply personal. She leads the Chennault family’s vision for the General’s legacy through the museum, the flight academy, and her constant work around the USA and Asia.

Nell has been an honored guest of the Chinese government on many occasions. She has met with the Vice Premier Madame Liu Yandong, the former and current Chinese Ambassadors, the former Minister Of Defense, General Liang, and the Chief of Staff of the PLA, General Fang.

Also, she has been a guest of the Taiwanese government, having received special permission from the former President of Taiwan, President Ma Ying-jeou, who presented Nell with General Chennault’s Chinese medals to be displayed in the Museum. She received the Distinguished Friends of China award in 2016 from the Chinese Civic Center, Greater Houston Chinese Community and China National Day Celebration Gala.

The General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is a vision Nell Calloway developed several years ago. She was looking for a way to carry on her grandfather's legacy of excellence, dedication, and service to the aviation industry and to the international community. Nell invites all students of the General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy to come to the Chennault Museum on one of your cross-country flights and see firsthand the incredible life of Gen Chennault, his pilots of WWII and the dedication and service the Flying Tigers demonstrated in defending the Chinese people.