Our First Priority

Safety First is a way of training and operating that puts safety ahead of all other considerations. We empower our students, staffs and airport community to stop operations or reject any effort by anyone to compromise our safety first culture.

The key to our success is bringing the military training process to the general aviation arena, incorporating military standards of conduct for our instructors, students and maintenance personnel.

This approach results in not just FAA licensed pilots, but mature and self-discipled new aviators. We require every student and employee to maintain the standards of a Flying Tiger.

There is nothing that supersedes the safe operation and maintenance of our aircraft and the ongoing safety of our employee and customers.

Our fly instructors have over 150,000+ incident/accident free flight hours across every area of aviation form crop dusting to combat aviation and international commercial flights.

Our flight instructors are among the most experienced pilots in the industry with an average of over 2500 flight instruction hours given. Average age is 52.

Our flight instructors have already been to where you are going. There first priority is safety and your training. They are not using you to get to the airlines, they have already been there.