Fly with the Tigers

GCFTA are Moving To a New Location!

General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy (GCFTA) now Chennault Aviation Academy (CAA)

Ready to Become a Pilot?

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Fly with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor for 45 minutes at $100!


Discovery Flights are approximately 45 minutes long and are highly recommended for anyone interested in aviation. On these flights, you will fly in the pilot’s seat next to a FAA Certified Flight Instructor. We will take-off from Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport and explore Lake Conroe and nearby area. We will return to the traffic pattern at the airport. On your first flight you will learn to maintain the airplane in straight and level flight, turn, climb and descend while enjoying a great view of southeast Texas from the air.

Fly is as easy as 123!

1. Call (877) 423-8237

2. Visit GCFTA on the date and we will get you set up

3. Fly!

You can bring up to 2 passengers with you.

Pro Tips

  • Bring a buddy or two, no extra charge
  • Up to 500 lbs combined weight limit
  • Schedule for the mornings or evenings for cool temperatures and calm winds
  • Schedule at least 48 hrs in advance
  • Flights are Mon-Saturday 9am – 4pm
  • Charge up your phone for a great Selfie.