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General Chen Nade Flying School Unveiled at the United States

Xinhua News Agency, Houston, October 19th (Reporter Gao Lu Liu Liwei) General Chen Nade's flight school was unveiled on the 19th in the northern suburbs of Houston, United States. The school is committed to deepening the friendship between China and the United States and greets General Chen Nade, who founded the "Flying Tigers."

This school recruits students from China and the United States, teaches various types of aircraft's driving skills, and can issue aircraft driving licenses. Chen Nade’s granddaughter, Neil Keller, said in an interview with the Xinhua News Agency that Chen Nade and other American soldiers had established a deep friendship with the Chinese people during the war. “We hope this friendship can continue in peacetime.”

Keller said that students will not only learn aircraft driving knowledge in flight schools, but also understand the history of China and the United States. "By training the pilots of the two countries and teaching the history of the two countries during World War II, we hope to build bridges between China and the United States to build a better future."

Li Qiangmin, the Chinese Consul General in Houston, said that the "Flying Tigers" is a historical witness to the Sino-U.S. friendship. The Chinese people will never forget the selfless help of General Chennault and members of the "Flying Tigers" team during the War of Resistance Against Japan. He believes that General Chennault Flying School will inherit the legacy of the "Flying Tigers" and will contribute to the deepening of Sino-U.S. friendship.

In 1941, Chen Nade formed the Chinese Air Force, the United States Volunteers to Aid China Air Force, also known as the "Flying Tigers," and began to train Chinese and American pilots. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the "Flying Tigers" fought in China, Myanmar and other places to fight against the Japanese invaders.

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