GCFTA Student Stories

Erin T

Jan, 2019

Erin comes from a family of aviators: her mother, uncle and grandfather are all pilots. Erin herself joined the Civil Air Patrol at the age of 12. After college, with the full support of her family, she started her training as a pilot with GCFTA. She passed her Private Pilot Checkride on January 14, 2019 and is now pursuing her instrument rating. Erin's career goal is to fly with an major airline or as a corporate pilot for Disney.

Erin passing her Private Pilot Checkride

Shane H

Jan, 2019

Shane is a USAF academy grad who has been dreaming of piloting his own aircraft for more than two decades. He soloed with just 14 hours of flight time today and did an excellent job. He is on his way to a PPL and perhaps a career in aviation. The initial solo celebration was attended by all to include his wife.

Shane's first solo landing

Colin G

Dec, 2018

At the age of 14, Colin G is the youngest student pilot at General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy. Since Aug 2018, Colin and his “loyal supporter” – his grandfather - visit GCFTA every week. He has gained 30+ total flight hours as of Jan 2019. Colin’s grandfather was an aviator too, he flew for the state of Oklahoma for five years and he wishes to provide his grandson with the opportunity to experience the joy of flight as well. When asked why Colin wants to fly, he said “That's what people do who make big bucks”. Colin is hoping to solo on his 16th birthday.

Colin's first day at GCFTA

Colin flying after 30+ hours

Madelyn B

Nov, 2018

Madelyn's aviation career ambition is to become a captain and fly with United Airline on a Boeing 777. With the support of her grandmother she is making great strides to achieving her dream of an aviation career. She is now working on her instrument rating.

Madelyn's first day at GCFTA

GCFTA Showcase Photo 2

Madelyn after her first solo flight and Passing Private Pilot Checkride

David H

Aug, 2018

David came to us with 2000 hours of single engine time. In just two short weeks he obtained his multi-engine commercial instrument license and began submitting resumes to the regional airlines. Within 7 days he had interviews with 5 different airlines and began his training with Commutair three weeks later.

David's first day at GCFTA

David's MEI congratulating him on passing his checkride

David flying with Mo Rolfs for stage check

David working for Commutair